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Save energy dollars and protect your air system…

Your compressed air is contaminated! Airborne water vapor and dust are drawn into your compressor intake. The compressor adds oil aerosols, vapors and wear metals. Piping can add rust and scale.

The Compressed Air Challenge,™ a government/ industry sponsored energy savings awareness program, estimates that $1.5 billion dollars a year is spent in the US to compress air. Over 20% of this could be saved by better design and management of compressed air systems. Excessive filter pressure drop is a key target to achieve this goal.


How Can Advant-Air ® Filters Save Energy Dollars?

Advant­Air XC Series Industrial High Efficiency Filters can save energy dollars because they have a lower pressure drop throughout the Filter Element life,when compared to competitive filters using older wrapped/pleated element technology.

Don’t be fooled by calculated savings from competitive filter modules. They do not have the efficiency of the Advant­Air XC Series Element, so tiny particulates flow downstream to pneumatic equipment, causing the wear and damage that a filter should prevent.

Real Dollars Example:

With a 200 HP Air Compressor running 24 hours per day, at 93% motor efficiency, and an electrical cost of $0. 10/kW-HR, the psid lower average pressure drop of an Advent-Air XC Series filter would represent an annual saving of over $3,000! A system that has three filters can save up to $9,000 per year.